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Peter Mulholland | Ora Ross together with their team of professionals offer the utmost in client customer care and experienced quality service. Helping buyers and sellers in the Central Toronto, North York and Thornhill areas for over 20 years.

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We are Giving Away $20,000.00 in 2018
Help us do it faster!


Here at the Mulholland Ross Group we are committed to giving back to a community that is so dear to our hearts - our homes.

This year, on our 100th home sale we will donate $20,000.00 to up to 5 charities - voted by you, our clients!
Our goal is to donate this money to those charities who touch our lives and help make other lives better.
You will have the opportunity thru the year to vote on where you feel the money should go.

First prize - the charity with the biggest vote - will automatically get $10,000.00
Keep watch on this page and follow us on facebook @mulhollandross or #100homestohelp

vote as often as you like - yet only once per day. Bookmark this page. Share it with a friend.
Let us know who you know, who may have real estate questions about buying, selling or investing in real estate and help us give it away faster!


Vote for the charity you want to win the first place donation of $10,000!

Take a moment to read about these very special and important organizations and vote for the one - or two - you'd like to see receive the most amount of the donation.  Feel free to check in often and vote often.

Shine Bright |Maddies Project

A community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental 
health-related concerns.
The future home ofMaddies Healing Garden and mental health services will be at the North York General Hospital.

Abuse Hurts

Abuse Hurts have been working hard to create a ‘SAFE HAVEN’, advocating for legislation that would allow a mother in distress to surrender her unharmed newborn at a hospital without fear of being charged with abandonment.
The success of this endeavor would save many lives.

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog

St. John Ambulance’s Therapy Dogs offer a safe and calm atmosphere for those under stress or unwell.
The Toronto Pack are regulars at Sick Kids Hospital and many Universities during exam time. Recently, they have been awarded the ability to go into our courthouses and sit with victims of human trafficking, who can cuddle and pet these incredibly intuitive pups before they must retell their stories.

North York Harvest Food Bank

North York Harvest Food Bank is the primary distributor of emergency food throughout northern Toronto and serving 1000’s of children and families. Many are working families who simply cannot afford to eat after paying for rent and bus.  Sadly, the Harvest Food Bank has more clients each and every year.
Other initiatives include pre and postnatal nutrition and community gardens.

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