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Is it Time for an 'At Home Haircut?'

By: Peter Mulholland & Ora Ross

Is it Time for an 'At Home Haircut?'

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Let's face it, as our "stay home, stay safe" instructions drag on, our hair keeps growing. Forget toilet paper & hand sanitizer - when we are allowed back out, there's going to be a mad rush to get our hair cut!

Enter, the at home DIY haircut. If you're living with someone - family, roommate or significant other - it's a little easier to cut each other's hair. When you're living on your own however, it can add an extra layer of difficulty. To be honest though, it's really not that hard or scary. Depending on your relationship with your hairdresser/barber, they may be open for a quick skype/zoom call to walk you through some pointers.
Below is a first hand experience from our own Director of Operations, Jordan:
I was already 2 weeks overdue for my normal haircut and it was starting to annoy me. After watching a few how-to videos online (see below), I grabbed my mens multi-shaver, some attachments and scissors and went to work. Doing the back was a little difficult as I didn't have a handheld mirror. Surprisingly though, I found the toughest part to be cutting the top with scissors; getting my hand to do the right angles and everything while looking in the mirror was a little confusing, but it did seem a little easier towards the end of the cut.
Overall I was really happy with the way it turned out. Normally my awesome barber at Eli's Salon & Barbershop does an amazing job in about 15 minutes, this first time self cut took me just over an hour. My barber is my new hero and I can't wait to see him for a real cut when this is all over!
Below are a few links to help with you home haircut tips & tricks for both men & women's hairstyles.
Good housekeeping - "How to" Home Haircut styles/tips/tricks for women
"How to" Home haircut for men


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