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Will COVID 19 Stop the Toronto Real Estate Market?

By: Peter Mulholland & Ora Ross

Will COVID 19 Stop the Toronto Real Estate Market?

Tags: Luxury, Listings, Toronto

In a city that spouted substantial year over year average home price increases just a few weeks ago, there are some questions about what might happen in the immediate future for those currently listed for sale or actively looking.  As of the time of writing this post, my cell is blowing up with showing appointments for one of our new condo listings as well as a nice 3+ bedroom home at Yonge and Sheppard.   

Here at the Mulholland Ross Group we are taking extraordinary precautions to ensure our buyers and sellers are protected during home visits and viewings.  Aside from additioinal sanitizers and signage to use it, we are doing additional virtual imaging to allow more buyers to do their best research online with minimal 'outside' time.
So we are doing what we can to keep things safe while allowing our sellers to take advantage of their spring market and buyers to lock in at today's incredibly low rates!

If you find yourself spending more time at home, consider it an excellent opportunity to gather any information you might be looking for. Give us a call. Let's talk about the market, your plans and ideas. Even if you're not buying or selling today, we're happy to share anything that might help you get closer to your plans. 

Let's face it. Whether you feel you might get the virus or not get it - or think you are low risk and might just get a cold, the world is begging each and everyone one of us to be careful. We understand.  Aside from washing our hands more, we are being asked to reduce our social interactions. Most importantly, we think about the people who depend on us if they got ill.  Please be careful around our seniors and or those with other health conditions.  We've all read the instructions re sneezing, hand sanitizing and staying home if we have a cold.

Finally, if you have a mortgage, now is a good time to seriously consider refinancing.  With rates at their absolute lowest (can't believe we are saying that again!) now is a good time to compare the cost of your penalty fee for cancelling your existing loan against the savings you'll receive over the next 5 years at a lower rate. Or perhaps you can pull some equity out and buy an investment property! Oh so many ideas to ponder!

Questions about any of these ideas? We are here. We have phones. They are virus free:)
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