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Are you exposed to the largest available market?
Most home sellers believe that when they hire a Toronto realtor to represent them with the marketing and sale of their home, condo or investment property, (including sales and leases), their agent will do everything in their power to expose their home to the widest market place possible. And many sellers believe that by placing their home on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service (TREB's MLS), they are doing just that; exposing their home to the widest market place available.

But, what many sellers and landlords don’t know is that they maybe missing an even bigger opportunity!


Back in January of 2012 the Toronto Real Estate Board introduced the IDX system (Integrated Data Exchange) in an effort to increase the exposure a Seller’s property could potentially receive.  Here’s how it works.

Consider that most of the Top Agents across the city pay thousands of dollars each month promoting their websites to an area or community who, in turn, become familiar with that agent and their website – and often resort to that website to browse all sorts of Real Estate related information. 

Now imagine a family living in the Beaches is considering a move to Willowdale.  They likely would not have received any direct advertising in their mailbox about listings in Willowdale. However, a top Realtor in the Beaches has been spending thousands of dollars a month in marketing to their area and that Beaches resident logs onto that agents website.  They have the option to search for homes all over the city and decide to check out what is happening in Willowdale!  If your home was for sale or lease, would you want them to find your home?

Keep in mind that an IDX feed is the exact photos and description that your own agent prepared – it is shared with other agents to use on their websites.  This is truly one of the most effective ways to take advantage of MLS!


In the "old days" we were trained to withhold as much information as possible, in hopes that the consumer would reach out to us directly with their questions. Well, times have changed and so have our consumers. Today, the consumer is looking for information and they want to find it quickly. Do you want them to find your home quickly? Then you’ll want your realtor to cooperate with IDX.


I began this post with the comment that ‘Most home sellers believe that when they hire a Realtor to represent them with the marketing and sale of their home, that their agent will do everything in their power to expose their home to the widest market place possible.

However the MLS Listing Contract clearly states that “The Seller further agrees that the Listing Brokerage shall have sole and exclusive authority to make all advertising decisions relating to the marketing of the Property for sale during the Listing Period.”  Which means that when your home is listed for sale on MLS, your realtor – and the brokerage – have choices about how and where your home will be found on the Internet.  Even some of the most experienced home and condo sellers and landlords are not aware of the options awarded to their realtors that they may not have shared.


As realtors, we owe our seller clients to “do what is best for the seller of a property” and I believe one of the best ways we can do that is to include all our sale and lease listings on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s IDX system. When you list your home for sale with the Mulholland Ross Team we allow our marketing for your listing to be included on the Open IDX because we believe that the more eyes on your home, the higher the sales price will be.


We'd love to sell your home to our own buyer - but more importantly, we want to sell your home to the right buyer, for the best price!

Find out if a realtor uses the shared IDX system – just log onto and see if you can find their listings. Furthermore, if you’d like to gain access to all MLS listings, sign up for our VIP Members Site at 
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